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Bed Type Milling Machine – MTE KT-4700

Bed Type Milling Machine – MTE KT-4700

Make: MTE
Model: KT-4700
YoM: 2017
Control: Heidenhain iTNC 530
Travels: X/Y/Z: 4500/1500/1500mm


Product Description

X-Axis 4500mm
Z-Axis 1500mm
Y-Axis 1500mm

Clamping Table:
Length 4700mm
Width 1400mm
Transport load 15000kg

Milling Head:
Automatic simultaneous milling head, diagonaly swivelling in 2 levels A- und C-Axis
RPM Area: 0-12000 U/min
Swiveling Angle C-Axis +/-360° continuous; A-Axis +/-110° continuous
Swiveling Speed: 360°/s
Swiveling Moment: 1200 Nm
Clamping Moment: 4000 Nm
Taper: HSK 100-A100
Drive Power Motor Spindle: 34KW
Torque: 170 Nm
Speed control: Continuous
Axle Drives:
Axle Drive Motors: Heidenhain (digital Drives)
Rapid Traverse: max. 25000mm/min
Feed Rate: max. 15000mm/min
Feed Force: 26000N

Clamping Table:
Amount of T-Nutes: 8
Size T-Nutes: 22 H12
Reference Nutes: 22 H7
Space Demand:
Length: ca. 13000mm
Width: ca. 5500mm
Height: ca. 4500mm
Weight: ca. 39100kg
Connected Load: ca. 70kvA

– Heidenhain iTNC 530
– Heidenhain Collision Control DCM
– Handwheel Heidenhain HR550FS
– Hydraulic System Bosch Rexroth
– INA Linear Guides
– Automatic Central Lubrication
– Automatic Temperature-Compensation
– Additional Footpedal for manual Tool Change
– Full-Cabine (4 sides) with big viewing window, closed on top
– LED workspace lighting
– Cooling Lubricant System with Inner Spindle Cooling 990 Liter, External Cooling 5
bar, Internal Cooling 20 bar
– Paper Belt Filter System
– OilBand Skimmer with microbe aeration
– Air cooling through Spindle and Luftkühlung durch Spindel und Externally via
Coolant Nozzles
– Rinsing Pistol
– Automatic Tool Changer with 60 Tools
– Chip Conveyor Package consisting of 2x longitudal and 1x cross conveyor
– Automatic Front Door
– 3x Toto Clear Units
– Radio Measurement Sensor M&H RWP38.41
– Special Operating Mode 4
– TCP Opt for fully automated zero positioning of Milling Head

Operation Hours:
Control on: ca. 1865 h
Machine on: ca. 1575 h
Spindle on: ca. 185 h

This offering is courtesy of the seller. It is offered as a convenience by KRUDO Industrial to its clients and is not intended to convey ownership of this particular machine.
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