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At KRUDO Industrial we believe that everybody should do what they do best. Therefore, we focus on delivering services…

Understanding the different needs of buyers and sellers from different cultures and countries around the world, KRUDO Industrial provides services that are needed to develop and grow your business. In order to ensure that Asset Acquisition and/or Asset Disposition projects run smoothly we have established a competent network of leading industry specialists and are offering personalised services that cover Advisory, Asset Management, and Marketing and Sales.

KRUDO Industrial always offers fair and simple payment models and prefers to enjoy the pleasure of Exclusivity in every transaction.



KRUDO Industrial gathers experts with experience in international projects in industrialized and emerging markets alike. We advise clients with our knowledge with a total of 45 years of experience and numerous international projects and provide valuable market insights to overcome market entry barriers for foreign markets.

Prior to effectively engaging with our client’s project, we determine the real demand for advice and hand-on guidance by our professionals. Depending on our client’s needs we transparently evaluate the degree of involvement required and offer targeted advisory services starting from Merger & Acquisitions, and professionally managed Asset Deals, to Market Entry Support and Lead Generation in foreign markets.

With our excellent global partnerships and internationally experienced Advisors, we are specialized to provide our customers with knowledge, understanding and strategic thinking of the industry or foreign market the customer Targets.


Market Entry

Understanding the challenges of market entry into a foreign market, KRUDO Industrial connects companies from around the world with businesses in the desired markets. We help to build sustainable partnerships by establishing and managing the dialogue between our clients and significant market participants and decision-makers. We guide customers individually from the first information on and contact with the foreign market to the development of sustainable business relations with the matching partner(s). We combine data-driven match-seeking activities with personal engagement of our Market Entry Specialists with decision-makers in the target markets. KRUDO Industrial provides the right contacts for your internationalization approach and ensures a smooth process accompanied by a focused project management team for each global venture.

Address Research

KRUDO Industrial offers verified and qualitative address information to facilitate your access to foreign markets. With carefully collected contact details we provide profiled information and contacts for you to make the initial steps during your market entry intention.

Match Making

KRUDO Industrial brings people and ideas together. In a personal meeting and on basis of the information and samples you provide, we identify your business and product specific advantages in the foreign market and layout market opportunities for you.

We clearly define respective target groups for your products on the basis of deep market knowledge and comprehensive research -in our databases and beyond- to be able to suggest appropriate business partners for you.

Depending on your desired degree of involvement, we will contact and visit the selected companies on your behalf and lay the foundation for a successful cooperation. During a professionally managed visit to the target market we arrange personal meetings with the identified interested companies and work towards finalization of contracts and orders. A report summarizing the results of our preliminary work and the personal meetings will be provided upon successful closure of the deal.

KRUDO Industrial can further serve as your Agent to facilitate legal, administrational, and operative aspects of your market entry.

*Emerging travel and Personnel costs for the presentation of your product will be charged extra by prior Arrangement.




KRUDO Industrial serves as an agent and delivers globally proven solution for every Asset Acquisition and Asset Disposition project around the world. Based on combined extensive industry expertise, together with our partners we understand that taking the right approach is crucial for the maximum outcome of any Asset Acquisition and Asset Disposition project.

No matter if it is a single machine, a production line, or a complete production facility, KRUDO Industrial delivers services to monetize your assets with the highest returns.
Understanding that there are many factors to consider when intending to sell a company’s assets, our customers rely on our experience and expertise in choosing the right method. Structuring an Asset Monetization process however, not only depends on the asset category, the size of the deal, and the industry, but more so on the given (global) market conditions, the timing of sale, and the accessibility and reach of buyers from all over the world.



Live Webcast Auctions

Live webcast auctions are a great possibility to bring local and global buyers to bid together and against each other in real-time. Local bidders take pride in bidding directly and live in the auction room, whereas online bidder have the chance to send in bids to the auction room from any location in the world.

Timed Online Auctions

Timed online auctions are automated auctions with predetermined price levels, timings, and duration set by the auctioneer. These kinds of auctions happen purely online and enable the buyers to bid on any lot at any time prior to the specified closing time of lots. Should buyers be outbid, the state-of-art system informers immediately and gives the buyer the chance to place a new bid within the pre-set extended bidding time.



Privately negotiated sales involve a whole lot of personal involvement and are a more discrete approach to turning your assets into money. Considering that some assets are close to impossible to being sold via an auction, we directly approach potential buyers presenting the details of the transaction offering. Backing personal initiatives with a sorrow digital marketing plan enables us to deliver expected results in the agreed period of time.
To discuss further details of our services, please contact us here.



KRUDO Industrial offers a comprehensive range of services required to manage your assets. Considering investments in used machinery and equipment as a possible alternative to new machinery is crucial when optimizing your asset’s life cycle. Lower costs of investment, reliable and high quality industrial assets in the market make used machinery and equipment an attractive option for investors. Further availability and short delivery times can be a good reason to prefer used machinery and equipment.

KRUDO Industrial offers a wide range of industrial equipment from global manufacturers, in the dedicated Marketplace section in order to provide you with a comprehensive overview of opportunities for your next purchase.

Understanding the relevance of appropriate asset management for driving effectiveness and growth for businesses we assist our clients to purchase the needed machinery and equipment by activating the established seller’s and partner’s network.
If not directly available with us, we actively engage in sourcing of the desired equipment and thereby support the realisation of investments for our customers transparently. We have developed a systematic approach to provide you with a clear total overview of costs from acquisition to start up in your facility, knowing that not only the asset, but also integrated services in the purchase process of equipment make our customer’s investment complete.



… at KRUDO Industrial we are passionate about sales, that’s why we sell!

Especially in a world with an increasingly complex business and communication framework, the ability to target the right buyers at the right time is key to economically optimized monetisation of client’s assets.

Profound knowledge about the wants and the needs of relevant market participants empowers KRUDO Industrial to target Marketing and Sales activities precisely and efficiently. We engage potential buyers in dialogue with tailor made promotional activities to effectively capitalize assets. With our segmented datapool of potential buyers we are able to source and engage relevant buyers from all around the world. Our global offices and international partnerships enable us to accompany promotional activities on spot with knowledge of the respective market.

With our experience in commercialisation products and services in foreign markets and our cultural competences we support our clients to discover and exploit additional foreign market opportunities. KRUDO Industrial offers a variety of Marketing and Sales activities from Consultation and providing market insights to developing and implementing a complete market entry strategy to expand your business.

Having the capacities for detailed market research and the ability to carefully evaluate a variety of suitable marketing channels (both, digital and print), KRUDO Industrial reaches potential customers in any part of the world.
With your sales intention in focus, we not only work targeted and tech-driven, but also al-ways reach potential customers by using newest and most recent developments in tech-nology successfully; confident enough to guarantee traffic, opening rates, and leads.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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